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Here are some cool photos, audio, video, and print interviews.


Me with Jon Anderson and Alan White of Yes in 2004. I worked for the Florida Panthers at the time and we presented the band with personalized jerseys. When I handed Rick Wakeman his, he exclaimed, "Brilliant!"

(L-R) Jamie from Singularity (dageek), The Lurker, Lou (gramprog) at 3RP in August of 2009. Mmmmmm....Yuengling.


Your old pal the Lurker with Alan Morse of Spock's Beard at ROSfest 2007.

Pete Trewavas of Marillion was kind enough to pause for a photo with me at ROSfest 2005, where he appeared with Kino.

The Lurker chilling with Christina and Rob of Magenta at ROSfest 2005.

Members of the Spock's Beard Message Board convened at ROSfest 2007. (L-R) Lee Abraham, Scott (Kind Stranger), "Long Island" Barry Rosen (obscured behind Scott), The Lurker, Lou Gordon (gramprog), Joel Craig, Dave Rubin (DaRube), Rich Flamini and Gary Sauer.

Same people as the photo above it, but in a more natural pose.

(L-R) The Lurker, Rayna Monforti & Mark Monforti of Music in Widescreen, Scott Pringle (Kind Stranger) at 3RP in 2009.

Up close and a little too personal with John Jowitt at ROSfest 2005. Joel Craig is playing the lurker's role over JJ's shoulder.



These two videos are parts 1 and 2 of an awesome Rush cover medley performed at WoodSpock 2007. The performers are Gary Sauer (drums), Josh Sager (guitar), Brian Cobb (bass) and Chris Harrison (keyboards, vocals). The amazing part is that these guys had rehearsed their parts separately and this was their first shot at it playing together in the same room!

Audio interviews

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  Interview with Dave Kerzner of Sound of Contact 6/14/13 - Part 1
   (12 minutes, 39 seconds)

  Interview with Dave Kerzner of Sound of Contact 6/14/13 - Part 2
   (19 minutes, 53 seconds)

  Interview with Steve Katsikas of Little Atlas - 5/31/13 - Part 1
   (14 minutes, 40 seconds)


  Interview with Steve Katsikas of Little Atlas - 5/31/13 - Part 2
   (16 minutes, 48 seconds)


  Interview with Alan Morse of Spock's Beard - April 2007
   (22 minutes, 24 seconds)


MORE Photos

(L-R) Colin Edwin and Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree during an in-store appearance in Orlando on Oct. 4, 2007.  This was the appearance where the We Lost the Skyline live album was recorded.

PT Keyboardist Richard Barbieri at the same appearance as above.

John Wesley, also signing autographs.

And Steven Wilson was there too, of course.

Me, broadcasting Epic Prog the only way I know how.

Steve (Gator), Me, Keith (Jubal) and Mike (rushfan), just before seeing Porcupine Tree in Atlanta in 2005.

(L-R) Joel Craig, John Jowitt (Arena, arK) and Pat DeLeon (Imminent Sonic Destruction, ex-Tiles) at ROSfest 2005.

I met the famous Jairo from Venezuela at the 2008 ROSfest in Pennsylvania.

Scott Pringle (Kind Stranger) and Jon Humphries (bad driver) about to ride the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, the day after 3RP 2009.