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A Rock Lovers Dream Yard


That’s you up there, daydreaming about your backyard and how you want it to be the perfect place to come home to and unwind after a long day at the office. Maybe there is a fire pit and a pool. Maybe there is a spa and a sauna. Maybe there is an outdoor kitchen…

What do you do for the person in your life who lives and breathes the rock and roll lifestyle? That’s right! Create a one of a kind backyard and HML Construction can help! Why choose HML you ask? Read on, and you’ll see the sort of unique and amazing Edmonton landscape designs they come up with!

The rock and roll lifestyle is one of epic parties, awesome music and great friends. Why not combine all of that and create the perfect backyard space? All backyards need space for friends to come over and to hang out. This is especially important for those in the rock and roll lifestyle.

Porches are a wonderful area to entertain. A dark, painted pergola, complete with skulls and guitars for lights, can be built to cover the porch. Along the boards of the pergola, small, inconspicuous, wi-fi speakers can be added for music.

All great backyards need a space for a fire pit. A custom fire pit from HML Construction Edmonton landscape designs team would be just the thing! Set underneath the pergola, complete with fire and glass around the fire, to keep small hands away from the flames. The could create glass that is laser etched with lightning, guitars, and skulls. The fire pit is set into a large table. The tabletop is covered in black granite and the table is built with dark bricks. Benches and chairs are made to match this one of a kind, custom piece. With the seats designed to look like guitars! Underneath the rim of the table, more small speakers could be added. Lights underneath the tabletop create a unique and inviting space.

What could be more relaxing than a Jacuzzi? HML Construction can create a custom Jacuzzi area, complete with LED changing lights, custom temperature controls and three TVs, all set to raise and lower as needed. The interior is white, with heavy rock bands’ logos painted inside, for that perfect rock and roll touch.

HML Construction’s Edmonton landscape designs team can create a wide variety of custom backyards for anyone!

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